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Who can become a brand partner?

There are two categories of brand partners:

  1. The beauty brand partner interested in using the products but wants to get an exclusive 23% discount by becoming a VIP customer.
  2. The business brand partner who in addition to getting the 23% discount wants to earn an extra income from selling the products to make immediate profit. Another way to earn is by inviting others to become brand partners and get paid everytime they shop.

     These are people who fit into any of these categories:

  • Currently employed but can’t make ends meet.
  • Currently unemployed and needs to start earning a living.
  • Needs to start up as an entrepreneur but has little or no experience.
  • Needs a multinational to partner with and achieve global prominence.
  • A student tired of being broke.
  • A housewife who wants to earn from home.
  • A youth corper thinking about life after youth service.
  • A retiree with little or no pension that needs extra money.
  • You simply love cosmetics and won’t mind turning your passion into cash.
    The only criteria required is a minimum age of 18 and a valid national ID card.
    The business involves physical products. Buying and selling is compulsory for the persons in category 2.



I joined Oriflame in January 2016 as a beauty brand partner just for the products. I fell in love with the products and I switched all our beauty products to Oriflame.

In November 2016, I decided to become a business brand partner and earn an extra income to support my salary. little did I know that my life was going to be changed forever for the better.

8 months later, i was able to replace the income from my 9 to 5 job with the income from Oriflame and then fired my boss.

I was that mom who wanted to be there full time to raise her young kids without being a financial burden to the family.

I was that mom who felt I had failed as a mother that I became sick and tired of life.

I was that mom who wanted to have the time to do the things I loved and was passionate about.

I was that mom who felt like my life had no purpose or meaning, waking up daily with a burning desire to contribute to my community and the world at large but I just couldn’t.

I was that mom who used to juggle my white collar job and my Oriflame business together with raising 3 kids and managing the home front without any domestic help for 15 months and yet succeeded in the business, enough to fire my boss.  

Today, my story has changed and I am that mom who got all she wanted and even more. It all started after I said YES to Oriflame.

Oriflame is that business that gave me both time and financial freedom.

I became my own boss and I have been able to help touch as many lives as possible by talking about this industry that is helping people fulfil their dreams.

It gave me the platform to discover the hidden skills that having a 9 to 5 would never have helped me expose.

Working from home and living on my own terms, I was able to discover what I am most passionate about.  I now have other businesses which I run all from home.

I am that mom who today owns a multiple 6-figure monthly income business with Oriflame. Plus, I now have multiple 5/6-figures monthly income sources because of time freedom.

Today, I pride myself as a full time entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a writer, a network marketing coach and an online business consultant. All these became possible from being my own boss all thanks to Oriflame.

If you are an unfulfilled employee looking to quit your job and step into your purpose, you can use Oriflame as a vehicle to achieve that. If you are tired of living a life you don’t fully enjoy and want to find your purpose, this is for you.

My goal is to show you how you can start and grow your Oriflame business that will enable you live life on your own terms. You can run this business part-time or full time. It’s up to you. Get started today!


I fired my boss in 2017 all thanks to Oriflame. I went from a struggling working mom earning in single 6-figures to a work from home mom earning in multiple 6-figures monthly with Oriflame. I have qualified for both local and International all expenses paid trips with Oriflame. I grew from earning a 4-figure income to 5-figures to 6-figures and now to multiple 6-figures monthly. It is all about determination to succeed. 



These are a few of my local trips with Oriflame. I qualified for an International trip to Turkey and Spain in 2020 but couldn’t attend because of Covid-19 pandemic. 

I have travelled with Oriflame locally to:

  • Eko hotel and Suites Lagos
  • Oriental hotel Lagos
  • Park Inn by Radison Abeokuta
  • Sheraton hotel Lagos
  • Ibom golf resort Uyo
  • Lagos Continental hotel




If you are looking for a way to earn 4,5,6 or even 7 Figures consistently from a Business you can do from your home, or a business that will not affect your 9 – 5 job, Then ORIFLAME is for YOU!

If you are looking for an opportunity to have  a shot at living your dream lifestyle, you need to become an Oriflame brand partner today. There is so much to gain and nothing to lose. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.