Have you ever wanted something so BADLY?

I recall a time when I yearned for time freedom, a wish that seemed unattainable. I thought I was going to keep working a job till my retirement age.

Back in 2015, after my maternity leave ended, I had to return to work, leaving my 10-week-old baby in the care of strangers. The thought of it weighed heavily on me, especially because I had two other children under the age of 6 who would have to fend for themselves after school since I couldn’t be there for them. With no domestic help, I relied on the school bus driver to ensure they were safely inside the house.

One day, while scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon an opportunity that promised time freedom, but it wasn’t an easy path to pursue. It required me to step out of my comfort zone, learn new skills, engage in selling, recruiting, coaching, and leading others. Despite my already hectic schedule, I decided to give Network Marketing a try.

Balancing being a mother of three, including a few months old baby, with a full-time job working six days a week seemed like an impossible task. On top of that, I was also a self-taught beader and online instructor, teaching others how to make beaded accessories. While I enjoyed it, I knew it wouldn’t grant me the time freedom I desired, so I knew I had to explore other options.

Though it would have been easy to say “I can’t,” I chose to embrace the challenges. My kids and I deserved a better life, and being there for them was my priority. My dream was simple – all I wanted was time freedom. To achieve this, I needed to replace my income from my day job, and Network Marketing offered the promise of that and more.

It wasn’t an easy journey. I faced nine months of doubts and skepticism from naysayers, but then something shifted in me. I adopted a positive mindset and started believing in the process. Within six months, I achieved success beyond my expectations.

For anyone with seemingly unattainable dreams, I recommend considering direct selling, also known as network marketing. It’s not without its challenges, but the rewards are well worth it. There’s a multitude of opportunities waiting, and giving it your best shot could lead to a transformative experience.

Quitting my 9-to-5 job marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. Network Marketing became the stepping stone that set me on this path.

Who am I?

I was that mom who wanted to be there full time to raise her young kids without being a financial burden to the family.

I was that mom who felt I had failed as a mother that I became sick and tired of life.

I was that mom who wanted to have the time to do the things I loved and was passionate about.

I was that mom who felt like my life had no purpose or meaning, waking up daily with a burning desire to contribute to my community and the world at large but I just couldn’t.

I was that mom who used to juggle my white collar job and my home businesses together with raising my kids and managing the home front.

Today, my story have changed and I am the mom who got all she wanted and even more. It all started after I said YES to Network Marketing.

Network marketing is that business that gave me both time and financial freedom.

I became my own boss and I have been able to help touch as many lives as possible by talking about this industry that is helping people live their dreams.

It gave me the platform to discover the hidden skills that having a 9 to 5 would never have helped me expose.

Working from home and living on my own terms, I was able to discover what I am most passionate about.

I now have series of businesses both online and physically which I run all from home.

I am that mom who have built a 7-figure income business simply from using my smartphone and the internet all from home.

I pride myself as a full time entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a network marketing coach and an Online Business Consultant.

All these became possible from being my own boss all thanks to the network marketing industry.

Guess what? I built and designed this website all by myself with one of the skills I acquired in my first year of being my own boss.

My goal is to show you how you can start and grow a home business that will enable you to live life on your own terms. I want to show you tried and tested strategies that has helped me become successful in my home businesses which you can implement in your new or existing home business.

If you would still like to earn additional income from new home business ventures, you are at the right place.

Stay with me and lets be on this journey together.

My Story

Since 2008, I had been searching for a work-from-home opportunity to support my household financially while being a housewife. Unfortunately, I dabbled in various schemes and programs that resulted in significant losses.

In 2009, realizing that I couldn’t break even, I decided to put an end to my ventures.

In 2010, I took up a white-collar job while my child was just 14 months old. The job’s shift-based nature dictated my life’s schedule.

In 2011, I joined a network marketing company from Indonesia and spent almost two years selling products and trying to build a team offline. Ultimately, I chose to quit.

At that point, I gave up on the dream of achieving both time and financial freedom, focusing solely on my day job. Doubtful that any opportunity could grant me what I sought, I tried various traditional buying and selling businesses, but none proved profitable. My mini-mart, for which I took a 4-year loan of 1.8 million from the bank to build and stock, had to close down due to disloyal staff. I continued repaying the loan solely from my insufficient salary. On a positive note, the structure still stands and serves a different purpose now.

In January 2016, I came across a Facebook advert promoting a business that I could manage alongside my job and eventually become my own boss. To my surprise, it turned out to be a network marketing opportunity. Despite my previous setbacks, I decided to give it another chance.

This time, I read the book “GO PRO” by Eric Worre, which altered my perception of network marketing. I had believed it to be a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” but realized my ignorance and lack of information had led to my past losses.

I discovered the power of using the internet and social media for recruiting and sales, which intrigued me, as I already had a smartphone and internet access but hadn’t capitalized on it. With my 8-5 job and managing my home with three young children and no domestic help, this approach fit perfectly.

Feeling empowered, I took up the challenge of building my network marketing business using my smartphone and social media/internet marketing. This time, things took a positive turn. The company I joined was different, and the people within it were supportive and focused on growth. I decided to stay with this same company, continuing to learn from the internet, mentors, coaches, and personal experience.

Within less than a year, I successfully replaced my job’s income and proudly fired my boss.

Now, I have achieved a 7-figure income from my network marketing business and other home ventures.

The time freedom I longed for finally became a reality. I get to raise my kids and experience every moment of their growth firsthand, thanks to the network marketing industry. My days are filled with doing things I genuinely love and exploring my passions. For moms seeking time freedom, I wholeheartedly recommend network marketing.

The network marketing industry’s power of leverage is what captivates me the most. With a leveraged income, one can achieve financial stability and freedom, paving the way for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to help numerous individuals discover their potential and realize that they, too, can create the life they desire. Currently, I’m privileged to work with over 1000 women in my network. My primary mission is to reach out to as many women, particularly moms with young children, and introduce them to the incredible home business opportunity that transformed my life and ignited my passion.

Was it an easy road? Absolutely not! But was it worth it? Without a doubt! I made a conscious decision to step out of my comfort zone and make this venture a success. I firmly believe that anyone can live their dream lifestyle. It all starts with partnering with a reputable network marketing company and dedicating oneself to success. While there are various network marketing companies out there, the core principles remain the same. I encourage you to conduct thorough research before investing your time and money. Remember, your results are entirely in your hands; you are the determinant of your success or failure in this industry.

My mission is to educate more people about network marketing. It may not be flawless, but it offers an excellent opportunity for ordinary individuals to become extraordinary. I am fully committed to assisting YOU in achieving massive success if YOU choose to embark on a career in the Network Marketing Industry.

However, if network marketing doesn’t pique your interest, fret not. As a home business owner and coach, I can introduce you to several other opportunities that you can explore.

I’m excited to connect with you and share the wonders of network marketing or any other path you wish to explore. Together, let’s unlock the potential for your success and create a brighter future.

Let me know how I can help you!