As a business and lifestyle coach in the network marketing industry, one of my core responsibility is to be an inspiration to people in the industry and to motivate others yet in the industry to take a bold step.

A lot of times it looks like a big shoe to be filled because you don’t seem to achieve the desired results. The next thing that comes to mind is to quit. And then most people quit.

The problem with quitting is that you not only fail yourself, you also fail one or two persons who were looking up to you to be their hero.

Yesterday, I was contacted by someone about my network marketing business opportunity. She obviously has heard about my company but chose to join me instead. It shows that many people actually see what you put up but need that one last push to get them to take action.

If I quit today, I not only fail myself but also those who see me as an inspiration. It may seem that nothing is working but trust me, it is and at the appointed time, you will see results.

A final note for my colleagues in the network marketing industry, let your post not only be about your business, show the world who you are, give value and don’t expect anything in return, let your motive be towards touching lives and not towards your next pay check. People join you and not your company.

So let’s keep been strong because people are watching.

Be Strong!
Be Inspiring!
Be a Motivator!